FAQ: New Rates

BALNEA strives to offer a unique and high quality experience that inspires, rejuvenates and awaken your senses.


Frequently asked questions

What are the main reasons behind this increase?

Several factors explain this increase. The primary reason is undoubtedly to be able to continue to offer a unique and high quality experience that inspires, rejuvenates and awaken the senses, to the clientele who frequent BALNEA. This experience is achieved through increasing and continuous investments in the development and maintenance of the facilities.

In addition, considering the increase in the cost of raw materials and services, the increase in expenses related to human resources and the rate of inflation, BALNEA had to increase its rates which, in some cases, had not been increased for several years. For example, the weekend day spa experience had been at the same rate for five years.

While this increase was originally scheduled for 2020, BALNEA chose to postpone it to a later date due to the magnitude of the health crisis. Now that hopes seem to have been rekindled, BALNEA has decided to move forward with a new pricing structure that will take effect on June 1, 2021.

What if I purchased a gift certificate for a thermal experience, package or treatment before the effective date of the new pricing? Do I have to pay extra?

Generally, BALNEA will honor a gift certificate purchased for a spa experience, package or treatment, regardless of the current value, for up to four months from the date of purchase. Due to exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19, you will not be required to pay any additional amount for any gift certificate purchased after November 13, 2019 and used before June 30, 2021. However, you will be charged an additional $12.50 (health security charge). As of July 1, you will be required to pay the difference based on the new fee structure.

Are the gift certificates still valid?

Gift certificates do not have an expiration date; the monetary value of the certificate always remains the same, even if the value of the package or treatment changes.


BALNEA has the health of its guests and team members at heart. We have put in place a multitude of procedures that go beyond the requirements of public health, in order to offer you a wellness experience in complete confidence.

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