Whether it’s to reenergize for a couple of hours or for a one-day getaway, BALNEA offers the largest spa domain in all of Quebec. A professional and attentive team, treatments and massages inspired by practices from the four corners of the world, eclectic resting areas, nature cuisine, mountain hikes, yoga and sports sessions alongside a private lake, BALNEA reinvents the art of relaxation by inviting all the senses to enjoy an amazing experience.


Massages & Treatments

Sports massage

  • Helps to maintain muscle tone and soothes aching muscles after an athletic activity
  • $ 90 for a 60 minute massage | $ 135  when combined with the Thermal Experience

Oriental massage

  • Practiced for over 3000 years in the Orient, the Ashiatsu massage has the therapist work with his feet, sliding and compressing the muscles using bars installed on the ceiling to stabilize themselves. A deep and relaxing treatment
  • $ 100 for a 60 minute massage | $ 145 when combined with the Thermal Experience

Vital facial for men

  • A treatment that revitalizes and hydrates tired, sensitive or irritated skin
  • $ 95 for a 60 minute treatment | $ 140 when combined with the Thermal Experience

Revitalizing fangotherapy using peat mud and essential oils

  • An intense body treatment that nourishes the organism with minerals essential to muscle recuperation
  • $ 95 for a 60 minute treatment | $ 140 when combined with the Thermal Experience

Bambou exfoliation

  • Organic, hydrating and rich in mineral salts and essential oils, this body treatment contributes to the activation of blood circulation and skin hydration
  • $ 75 for a 45 minute treatment | $ 120 when combined with the Thermal Experience

Tonic back treatment

  • Exfoliation, restorative neem mask and hydration to revitalize and purify this part of the body so often forgotten
  • $ 85 for a 60 minute treatment | $ 130 when combined with the Thermal Experience



Warrior’s rest

  • Especially popular with men, Warrior’s rest has been specifically designed for them; includes your choice of massage, a Vital Facial for men, a healthy meal and a 4-wines tasting session.


  • For those who want to take advantage of the great outdoors, including our network of 22 km of hiking trails, the Bootcamp package offers a one-hour nature sports session, guided by a personal trainer, your choice of massage and a healthy meal.



Discover our Activities Calendar for the season !

  • Yoga Trekking BALNEA
  • BALNEA Racing Club
  • Qi-Gong

Happiness comes with sharing

Our male clients come (most often) accompanied by their lovers or yet again as mother-son and brother, sister duos: More than 10 duo packages are offered here.

To try it is…

BALNEA proposes the BALNEA EPISODE starting at $ 30: Access to the Thermal Experience during morning hours or in the evening. The perfect complement for an overloaded weekend or a trip to the Eastern Townships.

Reservations are required. Please plan a week ahead for maximum possibilities. Contact us at 450.534.0604 or toll free at 1.866.734.2110 .