Isaël Gadoua

Restaurant LUMAMI

Chef of LUMAMI Restaurant


A Chef, Taking Nature to Heart

LUMAMI, cuisine nature’s executive chef, Isaël Gadoua, offers you a menu totally in his image, hearty, straightforward, authentic and deeply rooted in the nature of our Eastern Townships. After occupying the position of sous chef at BALNEA for almost a year, he is now at the helm of the kitchen offering his vision of LUMAMI through his creativity and his great spirit.

Isaël has always felt passionate about good food. However, he felt his true epicurean calling after several culinary experiences, notably when he could use the vegetables he found in his mother’s enormous garden when he visited her in La Patrie, in the Eastern Townships. The satisfaction he felt as he pulled a fresh carrot from the ground, the delicious, juicy, fresh tomatoes… It was clear that from then on, he would find his destiny in the kitchen. He completed his studies at the ITHQ with great enthusiasm. Then, after he interned at the Maison Boulud, he started at Joe Beef. These were three determining years for him. “It was really the best of schools for me! I learned a lot about restaurant service, ethics and hospitality,” he says.

His arrival at BALNEA coincides with his wish to reconnect with the region while taking up the challenges of rural cuisine, among them, finding exotic yet accessible products. His mission? To offer dishes valorizing products developed or transformed locally, but also to create a constantly evolving menu, adapted to our nordicity, using our farmers and produce growers’ ingredients and what nature offers us. At 35, Isaël has plenty of imagination and a lot of ambition for LUMAMI.

The refined flavours we discover on his menu are inspired by the terroir, and the pace of life here. Vegetables are what he loves to prepare more than anything else. “The endless selection, all the possibilities, mixing and matching them, the taste levels…” he says, clearly thrilled! With his magnificent herb garden close at hand, he adds a personal final touch to his creations with aromas of thyme, sage, Vietnamese basil or perhaps curry leaves.
Under the skillful direction of our chef, LUMAMI’s nature cuisine, is more than ever, a must for all our BALNEA spa & réserve thermale visitors.

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