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Restaurant LUMAMI

Chef of LUMAMI Restaurant



Veal Ballotine, Jerusalem artichokes, Labrador tea and half-glazed roasted deer, Luc Pinard, LUMAMI’s new executive chef, tickles our fancy with a menu that will satisfy even the most demanding foodies. This 34-year-old rather strapping fellow recounts his story, without any artifice while revealing his passion for the art of fine cuisine.

He begins by paying a special tribute to his two grandmothers, to whom he attributes his career pathway. As a young boy, he would spend his summers either sitting at one grand mom’s catering service counter, surrounded by the aromas of freshly baked pies, or in the middle of the other’s vegetable garden, mesmerized by the beauty of the terroir.

He started washing dishes at the age of 13 at the restaurant where his mother worked. Here he flipped his first burgers and learned a lot about the workings of fast food establishments. Since then, although he studied cinema a couple of years and loves playing the drums, he’s always kept, as he puts it, his “day job.”

His career high points begin to unfold at Holder’s, in Old Montreal, where he met chef Simon Laplanete who will become his most important mentor. This iconic French chef taught him the fundaments, the language and the motions that accompany the art of cooking. He was a true inspiration for Luc.

Then would follow, a first solo experience at La Grenouille, then a passage at Jurançon, on Saint-Zotique, where he learned the secrets of France’s South-Western cuisine! His time at Grain de Sel, with chef Jean-François Bonin, taught him the basics behind charcuterie preparations and how to integrate exotic spices! Later his thirst for learning would take him all the way to Newfoundland, to the highly reputed restaurant Raymond’s, in Saint-John’s. There, under the supervision of chefs Jeremy Charles and Ross Larkin, he would discover the Nordic regions’ amazing marine terroir.

When he landed a position at Vice et Versa, he met with master brewer Sébastien Gagnon, known for his famous Brasserie Dunham beers. He offered Luc the challenge of setting up his new restaurant La table fermière. His mission? To create a menu that would showcase local products. This is how he was introduced to the Brome-Missisquoi region, the wealth of its agriculture, the passion of the area’s producers. Inspired by all this energy, he finally decided to settle here as well.

His vision for LUMAMI? He wants to merge all the skills he’s acquired over his atypical path and define an authentic signature cuisine for LUMAMI. He hopes to establish a symbiosis linking his menu to the terroir and the reserve. His mission? To become the perfect complement to the wellness experience offered by BALNEA.

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