Lounge menu

LUMAMI resto

The Lounge is open from Sunday to Thursday from 12PM to 7PM and on Friday and Saturday from 12PM to 9PM.


Artisanal bread basket | 5

Lettuce | 10
Lettuce, herbs and flowers

Duck soup from La Canardière | 10/14
Duck with star anise broth, charred green cabbage, duck confit and wild rice

Mackerel ceviche | 17
Cucumber, onion, lemon juice, lobster oil and vietnamese coriander

Salmon gravlax | 17
Carrot, yellow beet, anise oil, carrot juice and puffy quinoa

Garden tartine | 17
Grilled, pickled and fresh vegetables, white beans hummus, salsa verde

Beet salad | 17
Goat cheese, walnuts and tarragon

Mozzarella di bufala from Québec | 19
Squash and flowers

Ham with herbs | 19
Smoked Péningouin cheese, oyster mushrooms, fresh herbs salad

Smoked beef sandwich | 20
House smoked beef, white anchovies, horseradish cream, raw onions potato and onion bread with a side of salad

Duck Gravlax | 20
Mixed of local vegetables, herbs and lobster oil dressing



Parsnip cake and dried apricot | 7
Black walnuts from Quebec and snow goat glaze

Pecan brownie | 9
Tonka bean butter cream and dark chocolate ganache

Honey cake | 10
Berries, melissa and agastache syrup

Half cheese | 14
Pont blanc, brioche bun and an assortment of honeys

Stracciatella-style cheese curds to share | 22
Buckwheat honey, nuts from Quebec, figs focaccia bread

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