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Sponsorship policy

BALNEA reserve thermale is proud to be involved with the community, associations and organisations by means of sponsorships, donations, local and regional initiatives, supporting these different groups in the realization and promotion of their special projects. Please note that BALNEA sponsorships and donations are offered in the form of goods and services.

Our targeted sectors

BALNEA réserve thermale is involved with several causes and organizations working mainly in the following sectors:

  • The Health sector
  • Causes promoting children’s wellbeing and education
  • The cultural sector
  • The Community

Duration of commitements

The duration of BALNEA’s commitment for sponsorships and donations is limited to one event only. The different causes and organizations must therefore complete a new Sponsorship Request for each of their organized activities. Depending on current priorities, the number of requests received and the budget, the event could or could not be granted a sponsorship or donation.

General criteria for eligibility

Sponsorship requests must comply with the following criteria:

  • The initiative supporting the project focuses on community well-being. Its activity is geared toward the health, communal or cultural sectors or is related to the well-being of children.
  • The applicant agrees to provide BALNEA spa + réserve thermale certain information, namely the profile and the number of people participating in the event or in the project, how the sponsorship will be given out, exclusivity in the “spa” category as well as media visibility and benefits. These elements will justify an acceptance or refusal of a sponsorship.
  • The projects submitted correspond to the mission and values of BALNEA réserve thermale.
  • The applicant is able to ensure that BALNEA réserve thermale’s commitment to their project or event will promote BALNEA’s image.
  • BALNEA réserve thermale must, with no exceptions, approve all promotional material produced and used during the sponsored event.


The following sponsorship requests are not eligible for support by BALNEA réserve thermale:

  • All projects not corresponding to those identified in “our targeted sectors”.
  • Projects concerning one individual only.
  • Projects linked to a political party or a candidate affiliated to a political party or any other lobbying group.

Please note that BALNEA spa + réserve thermale reserves the right to ignore these types of requests.

Processing a sponsorship request

All completed requests must be made via our online form below.

Requests will be processed each month. The applicants can expect an answer within a delay of up to 30 days. Thank you for waiting until after this period to call or write for a follow up.



Thank you for your interest in BALNEA réserve thermale. To accelerate processing your request, please make sure to correctly fill out the following form and include as many details as possible. PLEASE – Note that requests for sponsorships will be processed once a month.

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