The #effetbalnea

The experience

Over the years, we have noticed when our guests leave the thermal reserve how they have such a calm and serene look on their faces. Our friend and photographer Jimmy Hamelin, also noticed this and wanted to take on the challenge of capturing this look through the lens of his camera. The #EffetBALNEA

The art project

L’#effetBALNEA shows us subjects, liberated from all esthetic constraints, revealing an emotion, a reaction, a glimpse into their soul inside an environment conducive to the expression of human vulnerabilities. Jimmy hoped to capture the psychological, physical and psychic effects of a relaxation practice, recognized for centuries all over the world: The Thermal Experience.

“This enchanting relaxation venue has allowed me to isolate my subjects from any other possible variables, to create an intimacy with each one, in order to capture the human expression in all its purity and simplicity.”

The #effetBALNEA exhibit reminds us of the importance of slowing down, to stop the clock, to unite our body and soul, beautifully and authentically.

Visit the photo gallery “before/after” to discover the effects of the thermal experience as it was captured on the faces of more than thirty subjects who accepted to be photographed with all their vulnerabilities.

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