Balnea’s green earth


Balnea’s green future

The Domaine naturel du Lac Gale’s history dates back to the passage of the Abenaki tribes. BALNEA spa + réserve thermale, being a sustainable enterprise, is committed to set forth all the necessary actions in order to ensure its sustainability for the well-being of the planet as well as for future generations.

Our nature

Since 2004, BALNEA has always worked to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise through the preservation of this ancestral territory, while sharing its wealth and benefits. Having handed over 80% of its land to Nature Conservancy Canada in 2005, BALNEA, since then, encourages the protection of its natural surroundings. Its mission to conserve this environment for future generations is inspired by the values of its ancestral occupants, deeply attached to the earth.

The joy of water

Water is the spa’s primary resource. At BALNEA, we do everything to protect it while having our guests benefit from its purity, its freshness and all the joy it procures.

Our equipment

Always at the cutting edge of water conservation innovative actions, over the years, BALNEA has improved its equipment and has adopted the best practices for optimal control of its water consumption. By doing so the spa has considerably reduced wasting its primary resource.

Our guest facilities

Always keeping in mind an efficient use of water in its sanitary facilities, BALNEA has opted for water aerators for its showerheads with the effect of saving up to 80% of our water consumption. Furthermore, our WaterSense certified ultra-high efficiency 1 sanitaries allowed water savings of 50%. These and many other simple actions have permitted us to reduce our water consumption without causing any discomfort to the spa adepts. Sustainable choices such as purchasing high efficiency kitchen appliances have also brought about substantial savings.

Water bottles

Since 2010, BALNEA has been offering its guests water bottles with which they can enjoy the spa’s fresh spring water and refill them in different locations throughout the site. The bottles are made with aluminum, keeping the water fresher, plus they are reusable. This initiative has allowed us to save almost 100,000 recyclable plastic water bottles, eliminating a possible CO2 emission of 12.1 tons annually.

Energy efficiency

Always with the environment in mind, BALNEA has opted for a heating system using wood pellets, thus eliminating 450 tons of greenhouse gases!

Team awareness

BALNEA employees are highly aware and believe in our nature conservation mission. The entire staff always works to develop the most efficient work practices in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

As green as Balnea

BALNEA works hard to establish an ethical sourcing for all its purchases. Therefore, we offer local suppliers and artisans a window for their terroir products. Furthermore, the menus of our restaurant service follow the seasons and overflow with local flavours.

Health found in Balnea's nature

Inspired by the nourishing earth, BALNEA invites its guests to become part of nature and respectfully receive all its benefits. A network covering more than 20 km of trails, welcomes visitors inside a natural environment with an abundance of the most spectacular flora.

An eco-responsible expansion

In the spring of 2023, BALNEA began a major project to expand its facilities aimed at transforming the spa destination into a multi-activity destination with accommodation. In all respect for the conservation of this appreciated nature, no detail has been left to chance. A heat recovery system has been planned in particular to heat the new terraces and the winter greenhouse. A system for reusing the spa’s wastewater has been designed to irrigate the gardens where the delicious vegetables that are found in the seasonal dishes of the LUMAMI restaurant. The addition of 4 forest biomass furnaces will also eliminate more than 1000 tons of greenhouse gases. Small gestures, but big benefits for the environment.

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