1- What should I bring for my first visit ?

You must bring your swimsuit and your beach sandals. We will provide you with a bathrobe, towels, a water bottle and a lock for your locker.

2- Must I make a reservation for the Thermal Experience ?

We do not take any reservations for the Thermal Experience.

3- What is the minimum age for accessing the site ?

Children of 14 and 15 are admitted if accompanied by an adult. From 16 years of age and on, access is given without an adult. This also applies for the restaurant.

4- Is my gift certificate still valid ?

Promotional certificates, which usually start with letters, are valid only for a limited period. The dates are identified on the gift certificate.

Gift certificates bought online or at BALNEA don’t have an expiration date. However, it is important to note that they are honored for their monetary value at purchase (ex.: a gift certificate bought in 2013 could have a lesser value if used in 2016).

5- Can I reserve on site for a same day treatment ?

Sometimes it is possible to obtain a same day treatment, if there are still some places available. However, we encourage you to reserve your treatment a minimum of two weeks in advance, in order to ensure your place.

6- Do I have to take the items that are written on my gift certificate or can I make some changes ?

It is simple to make another selection than what is written on gift certificates since they are linked to a monetary value. However, in the case of promotional gift certificates (see question 4), these must be honored as such.

7- What happens in case of rain ?

It is always a pleasant experience to take advantage of our facilities, even in the rain. However, in the event of a violent storm, we might have to shut down some of our outdoor facilities.

8- Do you have heated pools at BALNEA ?

We do not have heated pools on our site. We hope our clients will take advantage of the thermal experience, the hot-cold-rest cycle.

9- How long will it take us to drive from Montreal to BALNEA ?

It’s an hour ‘s drive from Champlain bridge to BALNEA.

10- Must I still give my credit card number even when I reserve with my gift certificate ?

Yes, the credit card number is necessary for our 48-hour cancellation policy. No amount of money or deposit is taken from the card. In case of a non-compliance with our cancellation policy, we take the amount from the credit card and not from the gift certificate.

11- Can I cancel/modify my reservation without paying a fee ?

Yes, when you telephone more than 48 hours before your appointment. For cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance, 50% of the cost of your treatment will be taken from your credit card. 100% of the cost of the treatment will be charged for any same day cancellations.

12- Can I reserve a treatment without the baths ?

Exceptionally we can offer this service. You must, however make sure to mention this as you make your appointment. Please note that you will not receive a bathrobe/towel and won’t have access to the locker rooms. Your therapist will escort you from the reception area to the treatment room.

13- Which is the best massage ?

This depends on your needs. Our treatment counselors will know how to guide you through the panoply of massage choices offered. For an appointment please call 450.534.0604 or 1.866.734.2110

14- What is covered by my insurance policy ?

We suggest that you check with your insurer since policies vary from one company to another. Please note that it is not possible to give receipts for either the Thermal Experience nor for any esthetic cares (facials, exfoliations, etc.).

15- Do you have group rates ?

Yes, absolutely! We invite you to write to groupes@balnea.ca for details.

16- Is the site accessible for people with reduced mobility ?

Regretfully, because of the hilly terrain we have had to build several stairways throughout the paths leading to the different area sites.

17- Are the installations open all year round ?

The installations change with the seasons. For example, the Beach Club is not open during the winter season.

18- What type of food is served at the restaurant ?

LUMAMI restaurant’s Executive Chef, offers you a cuisine inspired by nature and the seasons.

19- To eat at your restaurant, should I be fully clothed or just wear a bathrobe ?

The restaurant welcomes everyone. Therefore, you can wear your swimsuit, bathrobe or street clothes.

20- Can we make a reservation for the restaurant ?

We take reservations for the restaurant Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

21- Are overnight accommodations available on the site ?

We work in collaboration with certain hotels in the region to offer you some superb packages. Please feel free to contact them directly.