Restaurant LUMAMI

Menu for reference only.


Artisanal bread and flavored butter | 7

Soup of the moment | 9

Roasted cauliflower, tahini, tamari almonds, shiitake | 13

Roasted squash, chimichurri, squash chips, Louis d’Or, walnuts Qc  | 14

Plate of homemade ham, roasted fennel, lovage | 14

Nordic tartine with salmon gravlax, dill sour cream, pickled onions and caviar | 15

Roasted vegetables and homemade aioli | 15

Quebec cheese platter with homemade chutney and croutons | 16

Vietnamese salad, rice vermicelli, pulled pork and marinated vegetables | 17

Braised pork cheek, parsnip, green onion | 19

Leg of Quebec lamb confit, rapini purée, Swiss chard and cranberry sauce | 26


Parsnip cake, goat cheese frosting  | 8

Strawberry, pistachio, strawberry, basil sorbet | 9

Vegan carrot cake | 8

Brownies | 10

*LUMAMI supporte les produits biologiques et locaux.
319, Chemin du lac Gale, Bromont, Qc, J2L 2S5

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