The thermal experience

Thousand-year-old traditions from the orient and Scandinavia have travelled the world to the American continent and have come together to create this essential luxury to inspire, rejuvenate and awaken our senses. The BALNEA thermal experience reinvents the hot-cold-rest- ritual to rediscover our own vitality.

Purchasing an e-ticket is not mandatory for the thermal experience (episode, full-day, twilight or evening).
You may simply show up at the front desk to access our facilities.

If you buy or already have a gift card for thermal experience only, call us to make a reservation for the date of your choice. Your gift card can be used at least 48 hours after its purchase.

On-site groupings are not permitted.

1. Prelude to the thermal experience: to sweat inside a source of heat

Our skin is our most important organ for eliminating toxins a regular practice contributes to normalize our body temperature, to free pheromones and to obtain skin luminous with health.

Our saunas with panoramic views were conceived through pure finnish traditions, contribute in preparing the body to receive the benefits of thermotherapy, all the while increasing the heart rate and blood flow.

The several hot tubs offer exceptional views overlooking lake Gale and the Appalachian mountains. Balneotherapy offers an appeasing effect on our muscles as it stimulate blood circulation.

Our Turkish baths, offer an absolute humidity and all the benefits of aromatherapy, calming muscular tensions and respiratory problems.

2. A momentum towards renewed vitality: an short immersion into the cold

Our emblematic waterfall, the forest pond, our interior and exterior cold water basins, offer an instant energising contact with ice cold water to firm the pores that have been opened by the heat, toning the body and activating the nervous system to improve blood circulation. These few seconds of boldness will allow you to store tons of vitality! Totally indicated to treat muscle pain, inflammation and respiratory problems, an immersion in cold water offers remarkable benefits for your health.

3. In rest mode: restorative relaxation

Moments of rest are an essential part of the thermal experience et allows the body to recuperate in order to absorb all the benefits and to rebalance your central nervous system. Fifteen minutes of resting is essential to relax body tensions in a quiet, soothing and comforting setting. Must be repeated three times in order to maximise all the benefits.

Our indoor and outdoor resting spaces, such as the Moroccan lounge, the cinespa, the lounge, the aquarium, the spaces surrounding the Pavillon de l’Ouest and those by Lake Gale, the forest acoustic cones, inspire true serenity and relaxation.

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