In 2018, BALNEA established its partnership with Mindspace, a clinic specializing in personal well-being and mindfulness. The objective was to have the reserve guests benefit as much as possible from their revitalizing moment by introducing several new features. Among these, the meditative course, thought plaques and our corporate program.

Coporate well-being program

By having your team participate in one of our corporate well-being experiences, they’ll find themselves immersed in a spectacular natural setting, nestled between a pristine lake and an amazing forest mountain. As all their senses awaken, they’ll discover an exceptional an unforgettable Zen moment. Our development programs are based on Mindfulness fundamentals to enhance awareness, personal growth and the management of emotions.

Meditation slab

The reserve has placed several thought plaques in different areas throughout the site, in the manner of a pathway. Ten plaques, on which meditative thoughts were carefully written in collaboration with our Mindspace partners will inspire you to experience the present moment through total mindfulness. Because these inspiring relaxation and revitalization moments can be as much emotional, spiritual and physical!

Guided meditation path

Wearing submersible earphones, clients are guided for 20 minutes through the installations on the east side of the thermal reserve. As instructions are given in connection with each present moment, they are accompanied by the sensations inspired by their surroundings. The tour can be done before a relaxation session or after a specific care. Furthermore, several panels will soon appear in different areas of the reserve, with meditative thoughts written on them such as mantras, to deepen the experience.


When combined to the thermal experience

Body Scan Meditation

The Body Scan is a form of meditation which uses the body as a focal point. This meditation teaches you how to know yourself better by observing your entire body’s sensations. Making contact with what is presently active in the body, inviting your mind to remain focused and not to lose yourself in recurring thoughts, psychological and emotional tension sources.


When combined to the thermal experience

The MindSpace Clinic is a centre that offers psychotherapy, Mindfulness meditation and professional growth and offers several programs geared towards their clients’ well-being.

Doctor Joe Flanders, member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec, is its founder and practices as well as teaches Mindfulness meditation.

Deriving from a Buddhist tradition, the Mindfulness practice is now widely used by western medicine and modern psychology to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve their patients’ mood as well as their general health and well-being.

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Would you like to learn more about Mindspace? By visiting their blog, you can access a multitude of articles and podcasts developed by their well-being and mindfulness team of specialists.


Mindspace offers businesses, healthcare professionals and individuals Mindfulness tools. By training the brain, by keeping it strong, healthy and resilient, it is an invitation to enter a better lifestyle.

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